November, 2015 - After several months of working in temporary environs, Electronic Philharmonic is finally moving into our newly-refurbished studio. New carpeting and wiring has been installed and tested, we expect to be fully operational by early December. Photos will be forthcoming soon. Thanks to all for your patience and understanding.

July, 2015 - Electronic Philharmonic's production studio has suffered some major damage due to a water heater malfunction. Flooding caused damage to the flooring and carpeting in the studio, as well as probable damage to the walls and soundproofing.

Current projects are on hold until arrangements can be made to set up in a temporary facility. More info will be made available on this site as it comes. Stay tuned!

August, 2014 - Electronic Philharmonic is currently engaged in three major projects: new music for a convention of the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), a new musical called: "Ficticious" for Legend Publishing, and orchestration of a Bollywood-style pop song called: "Tu hai Yahan".

EP has also added "Free Angels", a new virtual instrument from 8Dio Productions, to our already vast collection.

July, 2014 - Electronic Philharmonic has added several new sample libraries to its current collection; "Adagietto", a new orchestral strings VI, and "Free Radicals", an instrument designed for creating dark and dramatic cinematic textures and colors, both from 8Dio Productions. In addition, EP has added a new hardware synth to it's collection; a Korg Kross 88 workstation. What fun!

January, 2013 - To start the New Year off right, Electronic Philharmonic has added new music software to its multi-terabyte collection, including Pianotec, a virtual piano based on physical modelling rather than sampling, and Vivace, a Kontakt-based virtual instrument featuring new dramatic orchestra scoring tools.

In addition, EP has added Finale 5 for score editing, a Hammond SK-1 digital organ/keyboard for ultimate realism in emulating the venerable Hammond B-3 organ, and an extra terabyte of storage for good measure.

October, 2012 - This month, Electronic Philharmonic is engaged in the production of a number of background tracks for several singer-songwriters in the Washington, DC area. The effort is expanding as more local talent begins to see potential in high-production-value backing tracks that can be produced quickly and affordably by EP.

August, 2012 - Harmon-Edison Productions has retained Electronic Philharmonic to create new music for a series of videos for NACS (National Association of Convenience Store Owners). This will be the third year of this ongoing production.

June, 2012 - Electronic Philharmonic has began work on a series of 3 videos for ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development). The videoss deal with efforts to modernize and improve classroom instruction in schools through a program called: "Classroom Instruction That Works".

March, 2012 - Electronic Philharmonic will be taking a bit of a "sabatical" for a few months while the owner faces the unenviable task of remodeling his home. The planning stages are over, and it is now time to start tearing down walls.

January, 2012 - Electronic Philharmonic is working on a number of background orchestrations for Legend Publishing. The client in producing a broadway-style musical called: "Cinco de Mayo". The story takes place in old Mexico surrounding the events of the French invasion of 1862 and the unlikely victory of the Mexican army of May 5 of that year. Work will be ongoing over several months.

November, 2011 - Electronic Philharmonic is currently conducting a major updade to its hardware/software production environment. The changes include 1 new custom-built main computer for sequencing and digital audio, and 2 new slave computers for hosting virtual instruments. Along with these comes 12GB of additional main system memory, and an additional 2.8TB of storage. One of the slaves is a Win 7 tablet for easy transport and interfacing to other studios.

In addition to the hardware and OS upgrades, Electronic Philharmonic has added East-West's "Hollywood Strings" virtual instrument, Sonokinetic's "Tutti" library, and Zero-G's "Animato".

October, 2011 - Electronic Philharmonic has completed work on three new video projects for ASCD (formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) in Washington, DC. Ongoing work for American Music Company continues, with the target release for the new CD in mid-2012. Stay tuned for more details as they come.

September, 2011 - Work continued in the ongoing production of "Epic Disaster" for American Music Company. The fun is being compounded by new additions to the EP sound library from Sonokinetic. New music for ASCD is coming, more TBA on that later. And major upgrades to the EP production technology are now in the planning stages. Stay tuned for more details.

August, 2011 - Electronic Philharmonic has completed work on music for a 12-minute video produced by ASCD (formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development). The program targets schools with large minority populations, and presents ideas and materials for devloping closer relationships with students.

In the meantime, work continues apace for "Epic Disaster" (working title), a new CD of dramatic and horror music for film and television, produced for American Music Co. in New York.

June, 2011 - Since the Rapture did not happen on schedule, the next end of the world is currently scheduled for December 21, 2012. This should allow Electronic Philharmonic plenty of time to complete the next album for American Music Co., working title: "Epic Disaster".

This music should come in quite handy in the few months left until the apocalypse, and Electronic Philharmonic stands to make a lot of money, not that it will do any good if the inhabitants of Nibiru will not accept a fair exchange rate. Hard to negotiate with extraterrestrials on the other side of the sun.

May, 2011 - Despite the impending end of the world, Electronic Philharmonic keeps on keepin' on, working on a new music package for Panthera Group, a production and consulting organization in Alexandria, VA. The project is theme and background music for the "Leadership Foundry", a seminar program aimed at executives in private industry and the military. In addition, work continues on a CD for American Music Co, and backing tracks for a musical called: "Cinco de Mayo" for Legend Publishing of Virginia.

April, 2011 - Electronic Philharmonic has been contracted to produce a new CD for American Music Company , a New-York based production music library. This with be the fifth CD by EP for the company, and its working title is: "Epic Disaster". The music is intended to consist of huge, dramatic Hollywood-disaster-movie music, and should be a lot of fun! Stay tuned for progress reports and demos.

March, 2011 - Electronic Philharmonic is currently working on mixes for an album by the Brian Falkowski Band, a great jazz group from in and out of the DC metro area. In addition, contract negotiations have begun on a new CD for American Music Company, music for a new video series from the National Science foundation, and others. Stay tuned for details as they arise.

January, 2011 - Electronic Philharmonic is currently collaborating with Golden Sound Studios of Kensington, MD on production of new tracks for the Brian Falkowski Band, a four-piece modern jazz ensemble made up of top-notch musicians from in and out of the DC metro area. Tracking finished on Feb. 1, and production is ongoing.

December, 2010 - Electronic Philharmonic is currently engaged in production of backing tracks for a new musical: "Cinco de Mayo", written by singer-songwriter Tom Hyndman. EP is creating the backing tracks in-house and working with Treehouse Productions of Silver Spring, MD, on vocals and overdubs. The show is scheduled for completion by early fall, 2011.

November, 2010 - Electronic Philharmonic has recently finished production on several television spots for the NFL Players Association, produced by the NAHB (National Association of Homebuilders) as part their partnership to build affordable housing for those in need.

EP has also released new music for Getty Images, including a number of Christmas and holiday-themed cues. In addition, EP has been involved in more music production for artists such as Mary Anne Borelli, John Schneider, Alexia Chatfield, and others through our partnership with Golden Sound Studios in Kensington, MD.

October, 2010 - Politics is in the air these days, and Electronic Philharmonic has been busy creating music for political advertising, working with SOCO Productions of Virginia on a series of television and radio spots. In addition, American Music Co. of New York has released "Pomp and Prestige", EP's fifth CD for the library.

September, 2010 - Electronic Philharmonic has finished production of a new CD of music for American Music Company, a production music library in New York. The new CD is to be titled: "Pomp and Prestige", and is a collection of themes based on fanfare and pageantry. AMC plans to release it along with 2 other new additions to its library near the beginning of October.

Electronic Philharmonic is also in the process of expanding its production capabilities with the addition of two new computers and seven new comprehensive sample libraries and virtual instruments from East-West Communications. The upgrades bring the entire system to over 4 TB of total online storage, and 450 GB of sample libraries and virtual instruments.

August, 2010 - Electronic Philharmonic has been busy with a number of projects, including a number of political spots (it is that season again), corporate communications productions, and a new film, under production in Florida, about high-school robotics competitions. Stay tuned for more news as time goes on.

July, 2010 - Electronic Philharmonic has completed an orchestration project for Treehouse Productions of Silver Spring, MD. The music is by Christy Danner, a versatile and talented singer-songwriter currently in production of a new album. The songs is called: "Romans VII" and we are featuring it here as our New Music of the Month.

June, 2010 - Electronic Philharmonic has recently finished a series of political advertising spots for SOCO productions, a Virginia-based production company, as well as orchestrations for Treehouse Productions (Maryland), and a new CD of production music for American Music Company, (New York) Current projects include a new music series for Harmon-Edison Productions (Virginia), and album mixing at Golden Sound Studios, Kensington, MD.

May, 2010 - In the age of the internet, it has become true that nothing ever dies! We have discovered that a record company called "Gear Fab" has aquired and re-released on CD an album by Patrick Smith's band, The Elders, from 1971. It's titled: "Looking for the Answer" and it's available on Amazon as well as a number of other sites. Incredible!

April, 2010 - Electronic Philharmonic in partnership with Golden Sound Studios of Kensington MD, recently finished production of original music for an forthcoming audiobook version of "The Jungle Effect" by Dr. Daphne Miller. The book deals with dietary habits of indigenous people from around the world, and the music reflects that. The book is available from as well as other sources. Release date of the audiobook is to be determined.

February, 2010 - New Music of the Month: excerpt from "El Generalissimo" - part of a work-in-progress for an upcoming CD for American Music Co. in New York. Click HERE to listen!

January, 2010 - Electronic Philharmonic recently finished an original music project for Discovery Bay Studios, a San-Francisco-based photography company specializing in weddings and events. The music is designed to accompany video slideshows the company produces for their clients.

December, 2009 - Patrick Smith has recently joined the production team at Golden Sound Studio in Kensington, Maryland. He will be producing music and audio there as well as maintaining Electronic Philharmonic.

September, 2009 - New Music of the Month: "Dark Cavalry Overture" - Part of a work-in-progress for an upcoming CD for American Music Co. in New York. Click HERE to listen!

July, 2009 - Universal Music Group (Europe) has just released "Mad Love, Sweet Love", a compilation CD of romantic pop songs by artists like Amy Winehouse, Minnie Ripperton, Duffy and others, and it includes the Electronic Philharmonic-produced song: "Make Love to Me", featuring vocalist Emme St. James.

June, 2009 - Electronic Philharmonic has finished another in a series of radio spots for consulting group AVN. The spot features the voice of singer Ronnie Milsap and is backed by new music created for the spot by Patrick Smith. All finished just in time for a week's vacation!

May, 2009 - Electronic Philharmonic has finished two radio spots for political consulting groups AVN and Faithful America. The music was custom composed for both projects, and EP worked closely with editor Sean Collins, along with Jim Bloch of Blochhouse Media.

April, 2009 - New Music of the Month: "The Royal Horses Brigade" - Orchestral - celebratory orchestral theme, part of the upcoming CD project for American Music Company. Click HERE to listen!

March, 2009 - New Music of the Month: "Fanfare for the Fallen" - Orchestral - a somber yet hopefull orchestral theme, part of the upcoming CD project for American Music Company. Click HERE to listen!

December, 2008 - Universal Music Group has released "Best of Smooth Jazz Christmas", a collection of jazzy Christmas songs, featuring "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" by Patrick Smith. The CD is currently available in Europe.

August, 2008 - Electronic Philharmonic has completed work on a theme and underscore package for the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS). The show was produced by Harmon-Edison Productions of Reston, VA.

July, 2008 - Electronic Philharmonic has recently contracted with American Music Company of New York for a fourth CD of music for the company's production music library. The CD will focus on orchestral fanfares. Work is beginning immediately. Also, Universal Music Group Europe will be including 2 - 4 classical recordings from EP on an new compilation CD to be released in Europe later this year.

June 30, 2008 - Electronic Philharmonic has completed a :30 television spot for First Command Financial Planning, Inc of Fort Worth, Texas, and a corporate communications video for IBM.

April, 2008 - Electronic Philharmonic has just finished the third in a series of library CDs for American Music Company in New York. The CD is titled: "Enchanted Wonder" and features themes of magic and sorcery with a very large orchestra.

February 18, 2008 - "In Love with Jazz" a compilation album from Sony/BMG has hit the number 2 spot in Poland. The album features one song by Patrick Smith; "Make Love to Me", featuring Emme St. James on vocals.

February 17, 2008 - Patrick Smith was interviewed by "The Writing Show", a monthly podcast about authors, books, publishing and other articles of interest to wordsmiths of all kinds. Paula Beristein, the show's host, discussed "Guide to Digital Sound Design" with Patrick for about 40 minutes. The podcast can be heard or downloaded at:

February 3, 2008 - Patrick Smith, composer, producer, author and president of Electronic Philharmonic, now has a new title to add to his list: grandfather. First grandaughter Milla has born on Feb 3, at about 4:30am (why can't these kids wait until mid-afternoon or something?). Mom and Dad; Heather and Ian Smith, are both doing fine.

January 30, 2008 - QL Music, distributed by Universal, has released "Living with the Classics", a four-CD compilation of famous works in classical music. Patrick Smith is featured in the compilation, performing the Beethoven "Moonlight Sonata". Click HERE to listen. The collection is initially available in Europe.

January 20, 2008 - Electronic Philharmonic has been contracted to provide a new orchestration of the Bach "Air on the G-String" as accompaniment for renowned European harmonica artist, Pierre Herbineaux. Pierre's classical approach to the chromatic harmonica has won him accolades in many parts of the world. The recording will be released by Sony/BMG later this year.

November 19, 2007 - Patrick Smith's new book, "Guide to Digital Sound Design" has been released by the Garth Gardner Company. The book is an overview of the arts and sciences of sound design for films, television and other media, with emphasis on the development of new technologies for audio design. It is currently available from a number of outlets, including

November 15, 2007 - Sony/BMG in Europe has released the three-CD boxed set, "The Second Smooth Jazz Avenue", containing two new songs by Patrick Smith; "Make Love to Me" featuring Emme St. James, and "All to Say Goodbye" featuring Barry Gurley and Jan Davis.

September 4, 2007
- Electronic Philharmonic has signed a new contract to provide two new songs for inclusion on a jazz compilation CD set for Sony/BMG. The songs; "Make Love to Me" (featuring Emme St. James, vocalist) and "All to Say Goodbye" (featuring Jan Davis and Barry Gurley, vocalists) will be released on a compilation titled: "Smooth Jazz Avenue, Vol 2" before the end of 2007. Both songs were written by Patrick Smith. Click HERE to listen.

Also, two classical performances from EP; the Beethoven "Moonlight Sonata" and Maurice Ravel's "Pavanne por un Enfant Defunte" are scheduled for release in early 2008, on a CD compilation for Universal. Click HERE to listen.

Both compilations will be initially available in Europe.

May 25, 2007
- Electronic Philharmonic has finished production of music for "Omega 35", a science-fiction film from Dastoli Digital of Orlando, Florida. The film follows the path of two lovers across the universe in a high-energy, FX-intensive story. The movie is scheduled to be screened in multiple festivals worldwide. Click HERE for some scenes from the film.

February 10, 2007
- Electronic Philharmonic has begun production on a third CD of music for American Music Company. The new CD will be a collection of "magic and fantasy"-based themes, using large orchestration and unusual arrangements. The CD should be released late-2007. Other Electronic Philharmonic music can be auditioned at:

January 30, 2007
- Electronic Philharmonic has finished work on a radio theme package for IBM. The program is a news discussion format show centered around the business of government. EP worked closely with Blochhouse Media ( on the project.

March 16, 2006
- Electronic Philharmonic has just completed a new CD of production music for American Music Company of Oceanside, New York. The CD, titled; "Classical Romance", is a collection of new orchestrations of romantic classical music from Bizet, Verdi, Chopin, Donazetti, and many others. This is our second CD for American Music Company, following "Treasure Hunter", a collection of Hollywood blockbuster adventure themes. The music can be auditioned at:

March 2, 2006
- Patrick Smith's new book, "Career Diary of a Composer" has been released by the Garth Gardner Company, a publisher of books and multimedia centered on careers in the media arts. The book is aimed at young people at the beginning stages of their careers. Mr. Smith is also currently working on a new book, to be released around mid-Spring, that is a guide to the arts and sciences of "Sound Design". The new book is also for the Gardner Company.

December 6, 2005
- Electronic Philharmonic has completed production of an original music score for a promotional video by the National Association of Homebuilders. The video, titled; "Make it Happen", is a 5-minute educational piece designed to inform young people about career opportunities in the homebuilding field.

The video is fast-paced and edgy, with an "MTV"-like look and feel. It will be distributed primarily to educational institutions.

Aug 8, 2005
- Electronic Philharmonic has recently completed a theme package for the University of Maryland School of Journalism. The program will be called "Changing Media", a weekly talk show about modern media as technologies and styles shift with the times.

The music is edgy and hard-hitting, with suggestions of hi-tech throughout. The program is scheduled to begin airing in September.

July 7, 2005
- Electronic Philharmonic is currently in production of a new CD for American Music Co., a New York-based production music library. The CD will contain 12-15 romantic themes taken from classical music and newly arranged and orchestrated.

The CD will feature music from Ravel, Saint-Saens, Puccini, Debussy, and many others.

This is our second CD for American Music Company, following last year's release of "Treasure Hunter", a collection of grand epic/heroic Hollywood-style themes.

March 25, 2005
- Electronic Philharmonic opened its doors on Mar 21, 2005, by launching WWW.ELECTRONIC-PHILHARMONIC.COM. The site offers information about our products and services as well as the entire Electronic Philharmonic Music Library online! Music can now be searched, auditioned and licensed right from your desktop, using the fastest music search engine on the internet.

Over time, our libraries will continue to expand, and we will continue to provide our clients with the highest-quality original music and music-related products possible.