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Music Licensing Agreement

The purchase of the Electronic Philharmonic Music Library on DVD, or of downloadable individual files from the library, constitutes an agreement between the purchaser and Electronic Philharmonic regarding the use of music contained therein. It is understood by all parties that:

(a) - Electronic Philharmonic is the sole owner of the copyright and all rights and privileges relating to the music represented on the library DVD. No transfer of any part of copyright or ownership is either expressed or implied by this agreement. The music is licensed, not sold, to the original purchaser only, and may not be relicensed or sold except as a function of usage within a specific media program.

(b) - This license grants the original purchaser to right to use the musical performances from the library within media programs he may produce, or aid in the production thereof.

TYPE 1 - Licensee pays a per-use fee ("drop" fee) as defined by the terms of sale for each individual cue used within a produced media program. These can include films, videos, television, live presentations, computer games, websites, and any other production in which the music accompanies other media. Use of the music as the sole focus of attention (i.e. sold on music CDs or individually sold as music downloads) is strictly prohibited. Any use of any music cue from the DVD library must be reported to Electronic Philharmonic in a timely manner, and will be invoiced accordingly.

(c) - All usages of music from the library shall be considered "Life of Program" licenses, where no further fees (such as annual relicenses) after the original fee shall be charged for the program containing the music.

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